Friday, 19 August 2016

A Ghanaian Lady Sexually Abused By Three White Men in Kuwait (Video +18)

It is so very sad and heartbroken, when we get to see videos or stories like this one, all in the name of finding a safe haven. This is the... thumbnail 1 summary
It is so very sad and heartbroken, when we get to see videos or stories like this one, all in the name of finding a safe haven. This is the video of a Ghanaian girl that was recruited by one of these many agencies who recruits young girls for sex business abroad, telling them they have good jobs waiting for them over there.
 Three White Men Sexually Abused A Ghanaian Lady in Kuwait
Three White Men Sexually Abused A Ghanaian Lady in Kuwait 
This is no different with the case of the young lady in this video whose name is withheld; she left her home biding her people farewells, with all hope of getting a good job as a housemaid in Kuwait. But on getting there, she realized there is no place like home.

Due the fact that she was an armature and in-experienced in the business, she became sexually abused by her many masters she served. Until the time came when she could take it no more, she would run from home there in Kuwait every now and then. But this not enough to put an end to the misery that has befall her, she decided that she will go back to Ghana and confronted the agency that brought her to Kuwait.

The young lady who thought she was going for a housemaid job, ended up becoming sex slave. She was made to serve her masters (White men) who require her service for a certain amount that ends up at the hands of the agencies that brought her, while peanuts is giving to her.

As one would expect, the agency drove her away because she was becoming a problem and could bring about bad business for them. She was sent away with nothing on her to help her get back to Ghana; she decided to get some jobs done to help her secure money for ticket back to home and she got this one job that left a stigma in her heart for rest of her life.

Tears drops down from my eyes as I write this story, for these men are monsters in human skin. You can see the rest of the story from the video yourself, as my heart is too weak to keep writing the ordeals that took place.

To all the young ladies outside, please take note, not all that glitters is gold. These types of things happen on a daily basis outside there, but we can only speak of the one’s we have seen and heard of. The man who one’s said there is no place like home is indeed a wise one, and I can only wander what he saw when he made this statement?

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